About Us

EVER FINE PRINTING COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 1992 with a vibrant history of more than 20 years. EFPRINT is a local printing company with diversified export channels. Its products include all kinds of printed box, handbags, hangtags, printed cards, books and periodic printings, mini picture albums etc. With its gain of popularity, EFPRINT expanded to start serving both corporate clients and food industry with the birth of its subsidiaries, EVER FINE (HACCP) PRINTING COMPANY LIMITED. We believe that our company is more than capable to cater all clients' needs. To be in line with the ever-changing promotion and advertising projects and the escalating printing demand, EFPRINT is professionally equipped with advanced machines for paper cutters, hydraulic cutting, embossing, hot-stamping, oil demulsifying, laminating paper folding and auto gluing etc. In order to maintain high quality control over our products cost-effectively, we make bold decisions on manpower and resource allocation to fulfill our clients' request.

EFPRINT has been rewarded for the accreditation of G7-Master, it assures the color quality and consistency of individual products. At the same time, we are also accredited with HACCP, it proves that our products are recognized by China Food and Drug Administration and adhere to the EUPIA guidelines while producing materials for food packaging and articles with food grade contact surface printing. In 2015, our another related company Hi 5 Printing Company Limted was certified by FSCTM (Trade Mark License code FSCTM C124079) that proves our dedication to make the best use of forest resources.